Assignment of OASIS Supplier Identification Numbers (OIN)

The following gives guidance as to when a Supplier OIN (OASIS Identification Number), is assigned or should continued to be used when there are ownership or address changes to a supplier site.

  1. What defines an OIN?
    1. Each site or physical location of a business
    2. Each site or location of an organization listed on a QMS certificate

    Note: "Campus" locations with activities of the same business but with different address sub-location indicators appear in the Certified Supplier Directory (CSD) as one location with one OIN, indicated by the address of the main sub-location within the campus. It should be noted that each site within the Campus is assigned an OIN that, with the exception of the main site, is not visible in the CSD

  2. Once an OIN is assigned, that number will remain associated with that site, for the life of that site. Below are examples of changes that can occur to the supplier site information that will not affect the supplier OIN (OASIS Identification Number)
    1. The complete site with all activities moves to a new location and the site keeps the same quality system and scope. Example: Move the whole site and operation down the street.
    2. Name of the street or number is changed by the local community.
    3. Name change when the name of the company changes.
    4. Name change because of change in ownership, but the site continues existing activities.

    Note: In each of the above cases, the CB will need to reissue a certification document and update the information in OASIS. For the change in ownership, the CB will need to determine if a special audit is needed, depending on the impacts to the quality management system.

  3. Assigning a new OIN number (creating a new site in OASIS) with an address of a previous site that is now closed.
    1. This situation does not normally occur. Only if a site is closed, the ground and building is bought by a new owner, starting a new company with similar or different activities, management and QMS, should there be a new supplier OIN created and assigned.
  4. Modify Supplier details Two type of details may be modified:
    1. Supplier Details
      1. The Supplier details can only be managed by the CB
      2. Supplier's do not have access to manage their site data
      3. Changes to Supplier details implemented by the CB are "validated" by the Supplier and confirmed back to the CB during the approval process
    2. Supplier Contact Details
      1. The Supplier Contact Details are managed by the Supplier Admin. Contact details are not available on the audit report or certification document.
      2. CB's do not have access to manage the Supplier Contact details